Seniors & Special Needs

Zeus & Faith - Bonded Pair

You might remember when Zeus and Faith reentered rescue a couple months ago. Their owner died and they were taken to the shelter.  Luckily since Faith had been adopted from us, she was microchipped to us and they called us to rescue them once again.  They are a very bonded pair of the cutest puggles ever.  They love each other and Faith is extremely dependent on Zeus because even before rescue she had been through horrors no animal should experience.  These two are looking for a calm, loving, forever home.  Please consider being a hero to these two adorable and sweet babies who need a lifetime commitment so they are not misplaced ever again.

Waiting for a forever home since August 2018.

Hershey - Special Needs
Say hello to Hershey! She is a very adorable 7 year old Pug.  Hershey has diabetes and currently needs shots twice a day.  She also needs eye drops for dry eyes, and she has very limited sight and hearing. These will require long term management.  She’s a very sweet girl, and even demanded her foster dad pick her up and put her on the bed like a good diva does. She also is a bit chunky so her foster will work on getting her to lose a couple pounds, which will make her feel much better.

Waiting for a forever home since August 2018.

Bella - Senior Adoption Fee

Meet Bella! She’s about 8 years old and came  into rescue after her owner could no longer care for her.  We know we can find her a great home! She’s sweet and spunky, and reportedly gets along with kids, cats and other dogs.  More details soon as she settles into her foster home.

Waiting for a forever home since August 2018.

Bailey - Senior Adoption Fee

Meet Miss Bailey! She’s about 10 years old and came to SNPR after her family could no longer care for her. She’s a beautiful little pug, and gets along with kids and other dogs.  Bailey does have a very bad UTI that we are treating, and will be on special food for crystals, and she will be getting a dental and then will be ready for adoption.  She also is a bit wobbly in her back end due to an old hip surgery.
Update: Bailey is doing great at her foster home. She gets along with everyone, and is extremely sweet and cuddly.  She is on medication to help her with her back end which was weak from a prior surgery.  She’s a smart and happy dog and is ready for a home of her own!

Waiting for a forever home since August 2018.

Guiness - Senior Adoption Fee

We’d like to reintroduce you to Guiness.  He was adopted out a few years ago but was returned after some lifestyle changes, through no fault of his own.  He’s about 10 years old now and is an extremely sweet and gentle boy. He gets along with other dogs and enjoys kids. He has meds for dry eyes but otherwise is ready to find his forever home.

Waiting for a forever home since August 2018.

Pepper - Senior Adoption Fee

Meet Pepper, a 9 year old female.  She is full of energy, gets along with both cats and dogs and is a major smuggler.  She loves to nap next to me, at night, she goes underneath the covers.  She will reach up and scratch/ paw at you to get more attention. She started giving kisses today.  She is very well behaved on-leash.

Waiting for a forever home since July 2018.

Baby Girl - Senior Adoption Fee

Baby Girl is 11 years old and super sweet. She loves following her foster family around the house.  We started her on meds for arthritis from an old injury; but she does wobble a bit when she walks. She’s an otherwise happy and healthy little girl.
Update from her foster home: She is a love bug who spends most of the time laying down next to you. She does better if she has carpet or rugs to walk on and she’d love a family who is home often.  Her foster family expresses her bladder which is the easiest way to keep her from having accidents, or she is used to a diaper for when her people are away.

Waiting for a forever home since June 2018.

Scooter & Missy - Senior Adoption Fee
Meet Scooter and Missy.  They came to SNPR after their owner passed.  Scooter is 11, and blind and deaf but he gets around fine and loves cuddling- he’s a squishy lap pug! Missy is 13 and is a bit more independent, and very smart.  Their foster reports that they are a joy to have around and are very confident and friendly pugs.  They do not seem to be bonded and get along with other dogs.

Waiting for a forever home since May 2018.

Lily - Senior Adoption Fee
Lily is 12 years old, is cute as can be, and is looking for a loving home to spend her senior years. She likes dogs and cats, and ear rubs.  She is happy and playful, and up-to-date on vaccines.
From her foster: She is awesome...very mellow...last foster taught her how to go on pee pad and I have her on a routine for going outside so she does both. She is great with Poe and the cats...she is an awesome pug who is low maintenance and we would be great for someone looking for a companion.

Waiting for a forever home since Jan 2018.

Daisy - Senior Adoption Fee

Daisy is a sweet senior girl.  She’d like to be the only princess in the house, she just isn’t a fan of being bothered. She loves her walks and is very active for her age, she also hasn’t had any accidents at her foster home! 

Waiting for a forever home since Nov 2017.