Foster Home Information

Have you ever thought about fostering? Wonder what’s involved? It’s pretty simple. Are you a loving, responsible pet owner? Think you could handle one more pug to cuddle? If the answer is yes, then fostering is for you! The number of pugs we rescue goes up every year, and we need more foster homes to keep up with those numbers. 

Foster homes are the backbone of any rescue group. The more foster homes we have, the more Pugs we can take in. Our goal is to never turn a Pug away because we don’t have room, but that goal depends on the Las Vegas community helping us by fostering. Pug rescue is not possible without our wonderful foster homes. Please, if you have considered fostering, now is the time. 

If you have adopted from us in the past, you are already approved to foster, just email SNPR at: [email protected], and we can put you on our foster list. If you have not adopted from us yet, please visit, and click on “Adoption Application” to fill out a foster application (specify foster home in the space provided), and someone will call you to set up a house check. All current pets must be fixed. You can also contact us if you have any questions about fostering, just email [email protected] 

Fostering is not for the faint of heart. It takes a tremendous amount of courage and love to let a Pug move on to their forever home when the time comes. Some you will push out the door, while others may be tough to let go, but in the end it is ALL worth it! These little Pugs are cute but they may not be perfect. They sometimes come with a little extra baggage and may need extra time, patience, and love. All veterinary bills will be paid by SNPR. You just provide the lap to snuggle in, and a warm, cozy place for the Pug to rest. One of the best rewards is seeing that scared little Pug who came into your home leave happy, healthy, and confident-ready to start a new life in their forever home. 

Remember, if you have adopted from us, someone loved your Pug enough to foster him or her. Can you do the same for another little one who needs you now?