Adoption Application

The ABC's of adopting from SNPR:

• We are not in one building where you can see Pugs for adoption. The Pugs are with their individual foster parents until their adoption visit.
• Our process starts with the adoption application. 
• A volunteer will contact you and schedule a time for someone to come to your home for a "housecheck".
• You are more likely to adopt a Pug sooner if you are flexible about age, color, and gender.
• We rarely get puppies, so, if you want a puppy, you may have a long wait.
• Adoption fees range from $100 to $300 and depend on the age and health status of the Pug.
• If a pug does not match what you are looking for, you will be placed on a waiting list.

Pugs that come into rescue have often been bounced around too many times through no fault of their own. We do our very best to match the pug with their new forever family and we ask that you, barring any unforeseen emergency circumstance, only apply if you are planning to make a lifetime commitment to the pug you adopt.

Please only apply if you are serious about giving a pug a forever home.

Adoption Application
Phone #:
Zip Code:
E-mail address:
# adults in household:
# children in household:
Ages of children in household:
Work schedules:
How long have you lived in Nevada?:
Type of dwelling:
Own or rent:
If renting, Do you have landlord approval to have a pet?:
If renting: Please provide name & phone number of landlord/rental agency:
Do you have a fenced yard?:
Do you have a swimming pool?:
Does the swimming pool have a safety fence?:
Do you have a doggy door?:
# dogs in household:
# cats in household:
Other pets in household?:
Are all pets spayed and neutered?:
Where will your pet stay when you are away from home?:
Where will your pet sleep at night?:
List any pets you have previously owned. If deceased, please list cause of death:
Please provide name & phone number of Vet:
Have you adopted from us or another rescue in the past?:
If yes, please provide details.:
If applying to adopt a specific pug, please list name or names:
Age range of rescue Pug wanted:
Do you have a gender preference?:
Would you consider a special needs Pug?:
If yes, what type of special needs would you consider?:
What type of Pug personality would best fit your household:
Have you ever had a Pug?:
If not, have you researched the breed?:
Why do you want to adopt a rescue Pug?:
Have you ever given up a pet? If so, please explain the circumstances.:
Rescue Pugs sometimes have housetraining issues when adjusting to their new home. How will you deal with this?:
Are you aware that Pugs may have higher than average Veterinary expenses?:
Are you prepared to deal with the financial aspects of caring for a Pug?:
Please provide any additional information that would be helpful in considering your application.: