About SNPR

Pug Rescue in Las Vegas began in 1997 as KC's Pug Rescue. The website rescuepugs.com was launched, and the annual Pug-O-Rama fundraiser began in 2001. In those early years, 315 Pugs were adopted as KC's Pug Rescue alumni.  It soon became apparent that a larger network of volunteers would be needed to keep up with the ever-increasing needs of Las Vegas. Some great traditions were established, and this created the foundation for Southern Nevada Pug Rescue.

In 2005, Southern Nevada Pug Rescue began. This organization was comprised of a core group of adopting families and volunteers from the original rescue. The transition to Southern Nevada Pug Rescue was a fantastic continuation of the dream of the founding members. We are comprised of a team of diverse individuals with a common goal; saving Pugs in need. Since 2005, we have rescued well almost 800 Pugs. That is well over 1100 Pugs who have needed our help!

Our adopting families are the heart and soul of our organization. Many have come to adopt from us, and stayed on as volunteers and foster families. If you would be interested in joining our team of volunteers, please contact us. 

We are an all-volunteer organization. Every penny donated to Southern Nevada Pug Rescue goes directly to the care of the Pugs in rescue. We are committed to educating the public about the breed, and finding safe, loving, forever homes for the Pugs in our care.