Seniors & Special Needs

Roxy & Dior - Bonded Pair

Meet our newest pugs, Roxy and Dior.  They are a bonded pair, Roxy (female) is approximately 9 years old and Dior (male) is 11.  They are both in good shape, although Dior has some limited vision in one eye and Roxy has an ear infection. So far, Dior is a bit more timid while Roxy is active and likes attention. They are both learning the doggy door like champs! We will have more information on their personalities once they settle into their foster home.

Waiting for a forever home since Sept 2017.

Teddy - Senior Adoption Fee

Teddy is a squishy and handsome senior boy. He has limited sight and hearing but is a sweet and happy boy. Details coming soon.

Waiting for a forever home since Sept 2017.

Beau - Senior Adoption Fee

Can you stand how cute Beau is? He's patiently waiting for a forever home! He's about 1O.  He's a very sweet man, loves to kiss and cuddle.  He gets along with other dogs too.  He can't do stairs due to some weakness in his back legs but otherwise gets around just fine.

Waiting for a forever home since Sept 2017.

Cookie - Senior Adoption Fee
Cookie is 9 years old and a very gentle and sweet boy. He is good with kids, cats, and other dogs. He does have dry eye so he will need to be on drops.

Waiting for a forever home since May 2017.

Mugsy - Special Needs

Meet Mugsy. He was in the 'rescue only' list at the shelter. He is a senior guy, blind and currently has ear infections. He is also very emaciated.  He seems to be a sweet, curious senior. More details once he's in his foster home.  Please consider donating to his ongoing care!
Update: Poor Mugsy needs a very special home and we know that home is out there. He has some neurological issues so he walks slowly and is blind. However, he enjoys his slow walks and time with his foster family. He has gained weight and enjoys eating.

Waiting for a forever home since Feb 2017.


Frankie is a special pug who has gone through a lot these last few weeks. When he first came into rescue, he couldn't walk. After testing, we found out his neck was broken in two places from abuse. He was terrified of people.  He had a fighting spirit though so we worked with our vet to get his pain under control. Over the last few weeks, Frankie had made huge strides!

He is about 4 years old. He can be slow to warm up to people because of his past but once he does, he loves cuddling. He seems fine with other dogs.  He will likely always be a little unsteady on his feet but that's ok!

Waiting for a forever home since Aug 2015.