Seniors & Special Needs

Loki - Senior Adoption Fee
**Foster Home Needed!!**
Loki was returned to the rescue because her owners didn’t want to keep up with her senior needs.  While it’s disappointing, we hope she will finally find her forever home who will give her lots of love. Loki is a very sweet girl, she loves you to pet her and scratch her head.  When you stop she paws you for more. Although she is blind she had no problem finding her way around the house and she goes to the door and scratches when she wants to go out.

Waiting for a forever home since July 2019.

Fiona & Cash - Senior Adoption Fee
Meet Fiona and Cash, a pair of females, approximately 10 and 14 years old, who were surrendered because their owner could no longer care for them. Fiona is a happy, high energy girl. Cash is very friendly and outspoken. She had some untreated medical issues that we are addressing, and she will need to be given regular medications. They both get along with other dogs and love people and attention. We are evaluating whether they are bonded or can be adopted separately. They are the sweetest girls with lots of love left to give.

Waiting for a forever home since May 2019.

Meadow - Senior Adoption Fee

Meet meadow, a 13 year old female. She’s sweet and gets along with other dogs.

Waiting for a forever home since April 2019.

Yoda - Senior Adoption Fee
Meet Yoda! He is about 11 years old and came into rescue with a few health issues we will get cleared up.  He has limited sight and hearing, and had severe ear infections and hair loss. 

He is doing well in his foster home and getting better every day! 

Yoda  is becoming more outgoing. He uses the doggy door, and is finding his way around his foster’s home. He wants to be held & loved so much. He does not bark but has a whine that he does when he's lost or lonely.

Update 1-24: Yoda is doing great in his foster home.  He’s extremely sweet and cuddly, and adores sitting in laps.  He is very smart and learning his way around the house.

Waiting for a forever home since January 2019.

Zeus & Faith - Bonded Pair

You might remember when Zeus and Faith reentered rescue a couple months ago. Their owner died and they were taken to the shelter.  Luckily since Faith had been adopted from us, she was microchipped to us and they called us to rescue them once again.  They are a very bonded pair of the cutest puggles ever.  They love each other and Faith is extremely dependent on Zeus because even before rescue she had been through horrors no animal should experience.  These two are looking for a calm, loving, forever home.  Please consider being a hero to these two adorable and sweet babies who need a lifetime commitment so they are not misplaced ever again.

Waiting for a forever home since August 2018.

Daisy - Senior Adoption Fee

Daisy is a sweet senior girl.  She’d like to be the only princess in the house, she just isn’t a fan of being bothered. She loves her walks and is very active for her age, she also hasn’t had any accidents at her foster home! 

Waiting for a forever home since Nov 2017.