Guardian Angel Program
Every so often, rescue receives a pug that needs some extra love, medical care, and even a long-term foster home. These pugs may take longer to recuperate, and it can be difficult to find a forever home willing to look beyond their special needs. It may take a long time for that special person to come along who is willing to adopt a special needs pug, and the pug may even be with their "guardian angel" foster home for the remainder of their lives.

For these special pugs, we are introducing the Guardian Angel Program. The pugs in this program will remain in foster care as long as needed, with rescue paying for all their medical needs and veterinary care, and will have a section on our website devoted to keeping up with their progress. If you have always wanted to help with rescue, but cannot afford to adopt another dog, this program is for you. You can become a Guardian Angel to a very special pug, save a life, and get a ton of love in return.

Granny Dutch - in SNPR's Guardian Angel Program

Hi there, my name is Duchess (but my nickname is Granny!) and I wanted to tell you a little about myself, I really really want a forever home of my own. The nice people at SNPR rescued me and 3 other pugs from a shelter, where we were taken after our owner passed away. I guess no one else in the family wanted us, which is surprising to everyone who meets us, because we are all fantastic pugs. The other 3 pugs I came in with got adopted, and I don't know why no one has asked for me yet. I'm about 12 years old. I came into rescue with a lot of bumps all over me, we removed the ones that were the most annoying to me and they were low grade mcts. But, all my blood work is excellent and they aren't bothering me so I just have to be monitored. Not a big deal! I have a sensitive tummy so I have a special food I stay on.

So now that the sad stuff is out of the way, here is the good stuff! I'm extremely cute. In fact, I look like a little stuffed animal, I have a pug head and little doxie body. I'm very sweet, happy, and I'm very smart (I try to be modest, but the ladies say modesty never gets you adopted!). I LOVE toys. In fact, you can see by my picture that I can even fit 2 in my little mouth. My foster mom taught me to use the doggy door not by giving me treats but by squeaking a toy. I am a cuddly girl who loves people and I am ok with other calm dogs. You long as they don't steal MY toys! Please consider me, I had a good home once, and while I adore my foster family (they even take me on walks in a wagon!), we all want to see me get a forever home of my own!

Granny has found her Guardian Angel home! However, that means SNPR will continue to be responsible for her vet bills, so please consider making a donation in this adorable little lady's name. Thank you!