Adoptable Pugs


Meet Duke, he’s a mostly Pug! He is about 7 years old and he came to SNPR after his owner had to go into a nursing home and asked the rescue for help. He’s reportedly good with other dogs. More info to come once he settles into his foster home.

Waiting for a forever home since Jan 2018.

Lily & Annie - Senior Adoption Fee

Lily and Annie, 10 - 12 years old, are cute as can be and looking for a loving home to spend their senior years. Although they were surrendered to SNPR together and previously adopted as a pair, they can be adopted separately since they seem to do fine independently, and both like other dogs (and cats) just as well as each other! They were returned to SNPR for potty training issues, but their foster reports they have been improving with a new routine. Annie likes to cuddle and stay close to you, while Lily takes more time to warm up but loves ear rubs. Both are happy and playful, and up-to-date on vaccines and dentals.

Waiting for a forever home since Jan 2018.

Dior - Senior Adoption Fee

Dior wants a lot of attention & gives lots of kisses. Dior LOVES the dog park but he does have a limp and can only go on short walks. He will be on long term pain meds that will need to be maintained after adoption. He likes to be held and will lay on the couch with you while you pet him. He is working on gaining self confidence. He loves other dogs but can be skittish of new people; however he warms up quickly if he can give kisses. Dior is improving on potty training. He does get excited and marks inside once in a while, however when told to stop he listens. Dior has some vision and hearing limitations and a small limp in his front elbow when he first gets up and again if he walks too far. He is a very quiet dog & so cute for an 11 year old.

Update 12-12: Dior is still looking for his forever home! He’s a very good boy and easy going.  He’s a senior guy who gets kind with other dogs and is using the doggy door at his foster home. 

He loves his stuffed dog, and every evening he takes it for a walk around the house leaving it in 1 dog bed only to go back and place it in another bed. Dior also loves belly rubs. He does have limited sight due to cataracts but he enjoys his walks and his people, he is good with children as well. An all around very good boy!

Waiting for a forever home since Sept 2017.

Daisy - Senior Adoption Fee

Daisy is a sweet senior girl.  She’d like to be the only princess in the house, she just isn’t a fan of being bothered. She loves her walks and is very active for her age, she also hasn’t had any accidents at her foster home! 

Waiting for a forever home since Nov 2017.

Butch - Senior Adoption Fee

Butch is a 14 year old we pulled from the shelter. He is fine with other dogs and is learning to be around cats. He loves sleeping in the people bed and is very sweet.  He needs some work on his potty training. We don’t know what his history was, but we know he’s into a better life!

Waiting for a forever home since Nov 2017.

Mary & Elvis - Senior Adoption Fee
Mary and Elvis are an adorable pair of seniors, about 10 years old.  They are like an old married couple, and need to stay together.  Mary has some allergies and Elvis has a history of eating rocks so he will need to be watched, but so far their foster home reports that they are very sweet and well behaved. Mary is the larger Pug, and Elvis has the tongue that likes to stick out.  Can you give this adorable duo a forever home?

Waiting for a forever home since Oct 2017.


Meet Biscuit! 1 year old female pug weighing in at a meager 5 lbs! Biscuit was surrendered to the shelter with bloody diarrhea and signs of severe emaciation. Her extensive testing found her to have EPI.  (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency). She will have to be on a lifetime supplement and enzymes in her food for her to be able to absorb nutrients and gain some weight! We know her pictures are hard to look at and we know this poor girl has been suffering for quite some time. She is anemic and will have to have glucose screenings often to make sure she doesn't become diabetic. But her foster mom assures us she is being loved on and spoiled and will hopefully put some pounds on her skin and bone frame and be feeling better in no time. Her tests, boarding and treatment have cost SNPR just over $1,000 dollars. Her enzymes and medications will run about $80 per month. If you would like to help us offset her current bill, or sponsor her monthly meds, please click this link and donate. Thank you so much for your continued support!  (Biscuit is on a medical hold but will be available for adoption after we have her fixed in approximately 60 days. IF she can stand the surgery).

Waiting for a forever home since Oct 2017.

Sophie - Senior Adoption Fee
Sophie is a 12 year old female with severe dry eyes. Very sweet and gets along with other dogs.

Waiting for a forever home since Oct 2017.

We rescued Constance from the shelter with severe medical issues. We were unsure what her future may be. With some medical treatment and love she is now quite the diva that demands attention. She has become quite the Princess Pugaritta. Constance gets along well with other dogs. She mainly wants to sit next to people. As you can see she loves going out and about in her stroller. Constance does have some potty issues so she will need some patience and love to work through them.

Waiting for a forever home since Oct 2017.

Blaize is a very energetic pug, don't let his age fool you (he's 10). He loves cuddles and kisses.  He is such a sweet,  loving dog.  Blaize loves to play with everyone but gets a little too excited at times.  All he needs is a "mellow out moment." He loves to nestle next to your chest when its time for ni'nite.  He is doing good with learning to potty outside,  however he still has some issues with letting you know when he needs to go.   No cats please. He'd also love to be an only dog, while he gets along with others, he really just wants a human for himself to cuddle with. Is that person you?

Waiting for a forever home since March 2017.

Mugsy - Special Needs

Meet Mugsy. He was in the 'rescue only' list at the shelter. He is a senior guy, blind and currently has ear infections. He is also very emaciated.  He seems to be a sweet, curious senior. More details once he's in his foster home.  Please consider donating to his ongoing care!
Update: Poor Mugsy needs a very special home and we know that home is out there. He has some neurological issues so he walks slowly and is blind. However, he enjoys his slow walks and time with his foster family. He has gained weight and enjoys eating.

Waiting for a forever home since Feb 2017.


Frankie is a special pug who has gone through a lot these last few weeks. When he first came into rescue, he couldn't walk. After testing, we found out his neck was broken in two places from abuse. He was terrified of people.  He had a fighting spirit though so we worked with our vet to get his pain under control. Over the last few weeks, Frankie had made huge strides!

He is about 4 years old. He can be slow to warm up to people because of his past but once he does, he loves cuddling. He seems fine with other dogs.  He will likely always be a little unsteady on his feet but that's ok!

Waiting for a forever home since Aug 2015.