Pug-O-Rama 2017

November 4th 11am-3pm
Silver Springs Recreation Center Amphitheatre
Henderson, NV

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We have reached out before for this special pug but it has reached a crucial level of need right now. Loki has been with SNPR now 3 times. The first time she was surrendered for attacking the other pug in the home. That pug was a female and so we decided that a laid back male foster home may be ok for her. She does FANTASTIC at first but then once she is comfortable she gets defensive of her "person" and her "things". She then attacked the laid back male in her foster home so we moved her again. She was adopted but then returned to us for once again resource guarding her things. We found her another foster home who then adopted her. About a month after formally adopting they contacted us to rehome Loki again for not being able to control her temper with other family dogs. She is a loving girl who clearly has been through some things and wants to be an ONLY dog. No other cats or dogs home is needed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE since the home she is in now is really struggling to keep them separated and we NEED a HERO TODAY!!! Please, if ANYONE knows anyone who could adopt her as an only dog, or an experienced home who would crate and rotate when other dogs are near but be willing to alpha her and handle the situation appropriately, we desperately need to move her. We cannot board her and we wouldn't want to any way since she is a very sweet social gal and we don't want to diminish her spirit. But she is desperate to be an only dog and queen of a castle and we are hopeful the right home is out there. Please share and help us get Loki moved! email me at jennifer@rescuepugs.com with any questions. If you are interested in helping PLEASE reach out ASAP.
Blaize is looking for a foster home (but preferably his forever home).
Blaize is a very energetic pug, don't let his age fool you (he's 10). He loves cuddles and kisses.  He is such a sweet,  loving dog.  Blaize loves to play with everyone but gets a little too excited at times.  All he needs is a "mellow out moment." He loves to nestle next to your chest when its time for ni'nite.  He is doing good with learning to potty outside,  however he still has some issues with letting you know when he needs to go.   No cats please. He'd also love to be an only dog, while he gets along with others, he really just wants a human for himself to cuddle with. Is that person you?
Waiting for a forever home since March 2017.

Are you ready to be part of something special? Foster Homes Needed!

We are in desperate need of foster homes. We do not have a facility, every pug we take in goes into a foster home. That means if we don't have available homes, we can't take them in and we will have to turn them away. WE NEED YOUR HELP. We are especially in need of foster homes for seniors, and dogs that may need some training or some more time to adjust-we have had a lot of pugs come into rescue recently that had been living outside. These pugs may need some patience and guidance while they learn to be the spoiled indoor dogs we know pugs are meant to be. Our foster homes are just regular people who love animals-just like you. We work full time jobs, we have families of our own...but we know there is a real need for foster homes. SNPR pays for all medical while a pug is in foster care. We just need you to provide a safe and caring place for them to rest while they find their perfect home. If you would like to foster, or for more information please email saira@rescuepugs.com. If you can't foster, please let your friends, co-workers, and family know we need their help. Summer is our critical time and we can't help the pugs who need us without you.

Southern Nevada
Pug Rescue! We are an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue and placement of Pugs in need. Our mission is to rescue neglected, homeless, unwanted, sick or injured Pugs, rehabilitate them and place them in loving, permanent homes in the Southern Nevada area. We strive to educate the public about the Pug dog breed, to encourage responsible pet ownership, and to see to it that any Pug that comes through our rescue ends up in a caring, committed environment.

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